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A Small Bit About Us

Updated 6.29.18

This is Jim and Cait

Hello, my name is Jpeg Jimmy but you can just call me Jim, the Jimmy is just because it sounds better than jpeg Jim, maybe if jpeg had another syllable in it like in kangaroo jack then the Jim would have worked... but alas Jpeg Jimmy will be my name...

First of all, I'm married to a beautiful, amazing, virtuous woman - Cait. If you haven't already guessed shes the one you see to your left, yup right over there. We've been married now for 6 years and going strong. Our love created a beautiful daughter, (yup the baby in the pictures! ) Shes less than a year old now and growing and learning every day. Life is Amazing.

As a family we ultimately love to travel and be active but we also love to relax to a good Netflix show... life in moderation (LINK to Dying Article)

I have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and an Undergrad in Psychology.  I have a wonderful job as a physical therapist helping people in the home setting here in Charleston, South Carolina. My job is very rewarding and I love being challenged by it every day. To see people do what they Once thought was impossible is the reason I do my job. To see the hope in their eyes, the life shine through again is very rewarding.

Cait will also be contributing to this website and she has a Masters in School Psychology and Counseling and finds ways to help people live out their dreams everyday.

But as I continued to get older I had an itch I just needed to scratch... like an insatiable appetite an outlet was i dying to get out....

As long as I can remember I have always been somewhat of a creative or at least wished i had the talents to be a creative, from music to drawing, I've always tried to find an outlet.  I started getting some traction when I realized doodling was really fun, made art with lines and curves.  It helped with my itch to be a creative... but it didn't cure it...

It wasn't until 2012 when a camera came into my hands and I really thought wow, this is fun!! Sure, I've always had played around with cameras and my dads 50 pound video camera an old school vlogging style of narrating what I see... but it never truly caught on until 2012.

I've been learning and honing in on this craft ever since, trying to get better every day. I started out by simple landscapes and simple edits, to doing HDR style editing which I still love, to creating composites where you bring a bunch of pictures together to create one image which I love even more to now honing in on portraits and retouching to help those keep their attributes but also look their best. All aspects of photography is so fun it's hard to focus on just one.

Most marketers would say to find one thing and stick with it and forget the rest. Market only one niche and dont worry about anything else... ughh, I just cant, so I'm displaying all that I do for all to see and hoping for the best. As I said before this is an outlet, not a way to get rich - in fact for every dollar we get we donate 20% to these Charities.

As I love seeing people do what they thought was impossible in physical therapy, I love teaching people about photography. That's why I offer one on one coaching to help people get away from just using their Auto Setting to using a more controllable setting where you can use your paintbrush and create a masterpiece... so to speak

I hope you will enjoy the content and get involve, email me, comment on posts, let's get involved in the conversation and get better at photography together... along the way let's start living and stop dying too... 

Thank You for Being Here

- Jpeg Jimmy

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